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Business Management

On a personal level, I’ve always had a hard time saying “no”. If someone asks for help, I always want do so. Especially if I am able. It should come as no surprise that this trait carried over to my professional self…for a little while. It didn’t take long to learn that always saying “yes” can be damaging to the company. A few tough lessons that I have learned: Read more...

If I were to write about all the problems I’ve encountered these last few weeks with Verizon, I’d have a short story. But, this is not a venting blog! This is an educational blog.  At least I hope someone learns something from my blogs. Today’s lesson: The important of communication! Read more...

Of all the years doing what I do best, I’ve “negotiated” with hundreds of vendors on payments. Typically the vendor and I come to some sort of payment arrangement that will work for the both of us. Last week I encountered a vendor that didn’t appreciate my honesty regarding the current cash situation of a client. An order was delivered COD. I had requested the vendor hold the check for one day to allow a deposit to clear the bank. The vendor in turn threatened to sue my client, call the Attorney General’s office, and showed up at the client’s office to threaten additional lawsuits. Read more...

A salesperson is trying to sell you his / her service. Your instincts tell you to ask for a referral. However, there’s a small voice in the back of your mind saying they’ll provide you with a list of their best clients. Why not be more specific about your referral? VBO recommends trying the following technique. Read more...

There’s a lot of talk about the “cloud” these days. “Cloud” is a fancy name for portal. If you access your banking information online, you use a portal. So how do you know which portal is right for your company? In our search for our “cloud” VBO encountered a few issues. Consider the following before selecting your portal. Read more...

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