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If I were to write about all the problems I’ve encountered these last few weeks with Verizon, I’d have a short story. But, this is not a venting blog! This is an educational blog.  At least I hope someone learns something from my blogs. Today’s lesson: The important of communication! Read more...

You don’t do it on purpose. You throw your receipts in a box throughout the month with the intention of recording them at the end of the month. When the end of the month comes, you think quarterly won’t be too horrible. Summer comes, you’re halfway through the year and you’re starting to think about getting the receipts recorded before year end. Before you know it, you’re walking into your accountant’s office with the shoebox full of receipts for tax year. Read more...

Most business people know what the phrase “Pass the buck” means. Here’s an example in case you don’t. A problem comes to an employee’s desk. The employee doesn’t know how to resolve the problem. The problem gets “passed” on to someone else. For a majority of the employees, the task ends as the problem is “passed” on. Read more...

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