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If I were to write about all the problems I’ve encountered these last few weeks with Verizon, I’d have a short story. But, this is not a venting blog! This is an educational blog.  At least I hope someone learns something from my blogs. Today’s lesson: The important of communication! Read more...

Amy used to get the 1040 forms from the post office to file her own taxes. One day her neighbor, Becky, asked Amy if she wouldn’t mind filing her taxes as well. Amy thought Becky was a great neighbor and didn’t mind at all. Becky bragged about how helpful Amy was that the following year, Becky’s co-workers asked Amy to file their taxes in return for cash. Five years down the road, Amy rented office space in town on the corner by the street light. Her client list is well above 50 people. Now the IRS wants to tell Amy that she needs to pay them a fee and take a test in order to file other people’s taxes. Read more...

Do you know someone who’s taking an Excel class because they want to learn how to use Excel? Do you know someone who knows Excel but is taking an advanced course to enhance their existing skill? Or perhaps someone who’s experiencing health issues so they’re changing their eating habits? These are only a few examples of personal growth. Read more...

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