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Our clients can choose from the selection of services we offer:

Virtual Documents

Can’t get to the post office to pick up your mail?  Utilize our PO Box!  We will scan your mail to you!

Virtual Basic Bookkeeping

Mail, Fax, or e-mail your bank and credit card statements to VBO. We record your transactions to the proper classifications. VBO will reconcile all bank and credit card accounts.  We will send you a summary report as frequently as requested. Documents are saved in pdf format on our server.  At the end of the year, a copy of all your pdf documents is provided to our clients.

Virtual Bookkeeping Plus

Need assistance with your Accounts Receivable? Accounts Payable? Payroll? Sales Tax? Financial Statements? Virtual Bookkeeping Plus allows you to pick and choose which services your company needs.

Virtual Bookkeeping Management

You have a bookkeeper on staff but you don’t have to time to make sure they are doing their job correctly. Simply mail, fax, or e-mail your transaction detail report, bank statements and credit card statements to VBO. VBO will review your transaction details to ensure all items are categorized and reconciled correctly. A summary report will be sent to you for review.

Virtual Payroll

VBO has found a new product that allows you to process your payroll using your smartphone. The product gives you the option of processing payroll yourself or allowing VBO to process the payroll once it’s submitted via smartphone. Pricing varies depending on which services you subscribe to. Call or e-mail us for a demonstration!

Virtual Accounting Department

You need a Data Entry Clerk, Accounting Manager, and a Controller but don’t have the necessary funds and space to hire all three. Utilize VBO’s staff as your own. We will work with you to pick the right mix of the VBO staff to build your Accounting Department.

Virtual Consulting

Every once in a while you’ll receive a notice or stumble across a situation that you’re not sure how to handle. VBO offers assistance with these specific issues. We’ll discuss how to handle the situation and help you decide if it’s something you need to outsource or handle yourself.

Accounting Systems Design & Implementation

For a fee, one of our consultants will visit your site, view and analyze existing systems.  After research, our consultants will create procedures, forms, and reports necessary to implement any recommended changes.  Our consultants will also provide job descriptions and recommended performance measurement specifications for the entire Accounting Department Staff.


VBO recognizes no two clients are identical. Prices listed are minimums. For a more accurate price, please contact us directly for a free estimate. We may require a copy of your previous month’s statements to determine the volume of work for a customized quote.

For more information about starting a virtual backoffice for your business bookkeeping, payroll or accounting needs, call us today at 855-317-3443.
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