Mission Statement:

To provide outsourced back office services to small business utilizing the cloud.  To ensure our work is completed in a professional, timely, and accurate manner while maintaining client confidentiality.  To save our clients money by improving efficiency, stretching cash flow, and keeping overhead costs to a minimum.  To create a network of executive level consulting so our clients can make decisions for the future of their businesses.

Our Story:

In 2010, Elizabeth was offered an opportunity to provide Controller level services on an outsourced basis to a previous employer.  Having access to a remote server, this was an easy task.  What if we could find a remote server where we can provide the same service for multiple small businesses?  VBO found a product that was able to do this.  Right Networks is a remote “QuickBooks Desktop” providing not only QuickBooks, but also Microsoft Office.  Right Networks allows clients to create Word and Excel documents, save them to a shared folder, and more.  As time went by, new products started to emerge for “cloud computing”.  Today, VBO employees manage the day to day activities 100% remotely.  Elizabeth oversees all client activity to ensure complete satisfaction.  Elizabeth also utilizes her time by attending classes and partnering with new products that will be detrimental to the growth of VBO.

Meet Elizabeth Skinner:

CEO and founder of The Virtual BackOffice, Elizabeth Skinner graduated from Ramapo College of NJ in 1996.  Securing her first accounting position in 2000, Elizabeth worked her way up to a Controller level by 2005.  In 2009, Elizabeth received her MBA from Marist College with an Advanced Certificate in Executive Leadership.  When the economy took a turn for the worst, and after two lay offs, Elizabeth was offered an opportunity to provide Controller level services on an outsourced basis.  Elizabeth used this opportunity to create The Virtual BackOffice.  She is continually seeking new ways to grow VBO.  Elizabeth lives  in Hudson Valley New York and enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends.  Losing friends and family to suicide, Elizabeth is a supporter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Each client is analyzed prior to performing any service.  A proposal is created for services that would make a match to needs.  Recommendations on software and / or other tools are also recommended prior to the start of services.  Once proposals are agreed to, each client is assigned a trained personal consultant.  The personal consultant will work with the client month to month for a smooth year end process.


We utilize technologies such as Remote Desktop, Zoom, and Google to access our client’s information electronically.  Working remote eliminates the need of office space at your office.  It also allows VBO to gather information 24/7.  No need to schedule appointments.


All confidential data is contained to a password protected remote server.