Individuals: It is not uncommon for small business owners to intertwine their personal checking accounts with their business accounts.  It’s how most small business owner’s manage their cash flow; rob Peter to pay Paul.  Because of this, most of our small business clients request VBO to manage their personal finances also.

Small Businesses: Small Business owners are experts at the services they perform.  They are not experts at Bookkeeping.  Our services allow small business owners utilize their time as billable time by handling their paperwork.  Invoices, collections, bill entry, bill payments, payroll, and more.

Accounting Managers: Some small businesses require on-site office help.  Owners will hire an “Office Manager” that most of the time duals as a bookkeeper.  However, the owner’s don’t have the expertise to train this Office Manager on bookkeeping.  VBO will work with your Office Manager to make sure all the important tasks are completed timely.

CPA’s: CPA firms see client’s walk in with a Tupperware of receipts and cringe.  The CPA doesn’t want to be thumbing through receipts and tallying the expenses for the entire year come tax time.  The CPA firms utilize our services for to do the ugly work for them.

Larger Businesses: VBO works with multi-million corporations on a project basis.  Projects include: Large Reconciliations; Software Integration; BigBox Retailer Collections; Audits; and more.

Industries: We have served the following industries to date:

Film Production
Plumbing / HVAC
IT Services
Ambulette Services
Marketing / Design
Auto Mechanics
Wholesale Distribution
Painting Services
Realtor / Landlord Services
Medical Supply
Cleaning Services
Construction Companies
Landscaping Services

Banks We Work With

There are a number of banks that allow us to have a “bookkeeper” login. This allows our clients to grant us permissions to perform tasks they are comfortable such as retrieving statements or deposit information.

American ExpressProvident Bank
Bank of AmericaRhinebeck Bank
Capital OneSalisbury Bank
ChaseTD Bank
HSBCWalden Savings Bank
M&T BankWells Fargo