What is The Virtual BackOffice?

You love what you do! But at the end of the day, you don’t want to spend an extra few hours finishing up all the paperwork. Think about how much you charge your clients. Wouldn’t you prefer to use your time as “billable time” instead of doing paperwork?

Studies show most small business owners allow their paperwork to pile for months.  By then, owners realize invoices didn’t go out so money’s not coming in and bills aren’t getting paid.  It creates a ripple effect.  We have the solution!

Using technology, we can handle your bookkeeping off-site for you.  You can be as little or greatly involved as you desire.  And because you are paying for services that you specifically need, you can afford to have the experience of a fully operational Accounting Department without paying the costs.  Call us today to create a portfolio of services to meet your needs!