Getting Rid of that Shoebox!

You don’t do it on purpose. You throw your receipts in a box throughout the month with the intention of recording them at the end of the month. When the end of the month comes, you think quarterly won’t be too horrible. Summer comes, you’re halfway through the year and you’re starting to think about getting the receipts recorded before year end. Before you know it, you’re walking into your accountant’s office with the shoebox full of receipts for tax year.

Let VBO help you. More than likely, your accountant is going to charge you his / her full hourly rate to sift through those receipts. For a fraction of the price, we can sift through the receipts for you and create a report to hand to your accountant instead.

Here at VBO, we begin tax preparations in October. We ensure all items are categorized properly, all accounts are reconciled, and all loans have the proper ending balances. This allows time to resolve issues as we close November and December. Our goal is to have all of our clients ready for the accountant by February 15th or sooner (if the client wishes to be).

No need to be an existing VBO client for this annual service. Call us today and reserve your appointment for yearend tax preparation at 845-402-0070! Or e-mail us at and request additional information.