Personal Growth The VBO Way

Do you know someone who’s taking an Excel class because they want to learn how to use Excel? Do you know someone who knows Excel but is taking an advanced course to enhance their existing skill? Or perhaps someone who’s experiencing health issues so they’re changing their eating habits? These are only a few examples of personal growth.

Here at VBO, we believe by allowing our employees to grow personally, it helps the company grow as well. Every class an employee takes to learn a new skill or enhance an existing skill, moves VBO one step forward. We assist our employees identify their potential through their annual and quarterly review.

At the annual review, we assist our employees identify their areas of strength and weakness and put together a set of goals for the next year. Once a quarter, a manager meets with their employees to make sure they are on track with their goals. This allows managers to assist in removing any obstacles that might be preventing the employees from achieving their goals.

Without personal growth, the bookkeeping industry would still be using those big green ledgers to keep records. By allowing our employees to grow, VBO will continue to move forward.

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