The Follow Through

Most business people know what the phrase “Pass the buck” means. Here’s an example in case you don’t. A problem comes to an employee’s desk. The employee doesn’t know how to resolve the problem. The problem gets “passed” on to someone else. For a majority of the employees, the task ends as the problem is “passed” on.

In my experience, I have seen a few different results from this scenario. A majority of them ends with the problem getting lost (so is the client).

Here at VBO, we hold our employees accountable for tasks that are passed on. VBO employees are trained to put a “follow up” reminder into their task list before passing the problem on. With each desk the problem is passed from, the level of urgency is increased. At the end of the chain, the employee resolving the problem has two or three people following up on that one problem. It certainly motivates the employee to resolve the problem quickly to get the calls / e-mails / texts / chats / tweets to stop.

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