Using Apps for Payroll!

Do you process your payroll internally? Outsource it to a payroll company like ADP or Paychex? However you process payroll, you will benefit from VBO’s new Virtual Payroll!

Virtual Payroll is a new product currently being launched by VBO. Submit payroll using traditional timesheets or download our Smartphone App! The Smartphone App allows you to submit employee’s times anytime anywhere using your Smartphone.

Once the payroll is received, you have the option to finish processing payroll yourself or allow VBO to process it for you. Want to cut the checks for the employees but don’t want to be hassled with tax deposits? The tasks can be split! VBO can handle the tax deposits for you while you cut your employee checks.

What about the employees? Want to be able to update their information yourself? No problem! Want to allow the employees to see their paystubs online? No problem! The options are endless!

Frustrated trying to keep up with the government regulations pertaining to payroll taxes? The payroll product is automatically updated each time the government initiates a change. You no longer need to subscribe to those payroll notice services.

Want to hear more? Contact us for a demonstration today at 845-402-0070! Or e-mail us at and request additional information.