Virtual Payables vs. Outsourced Payroll

Tired of keeping track of when your bills are due? Tired of having to write out checks every week? Need someone to negotiate a payment plan? This is all possible through Virtual Payables.

If you outsource your payroll, you are familiar with the concept of Virtual Payables. With outsourced payroll, you call in your hours to the payroll company. The payroll company calculates your payroll and taxes, tells you how much and withdraws the money from your checking account. The money withdrawn is used to send paychecks to your employees, deposit your payroll tax deposits with the correct agencies, and a small processing fee is kept for their services. This same procedure can now be used for your payables.

VBO receives your payable invoices using one of our many remittance methods. VBO keeps track of what bills are due when. On “Pay Bills Day” (a day determined by our clients), all invoices are reviewed. A report is e-mailed to our clients for approval. Upon signed approval, the amount of funds is withdrawn from the designated checking account into our processing account. From our processing account, all payments are submitted on our client’s behalf.

No more writing checks, no more stamps, no more envelopes, no more spending time on the phone with vendors. Let VBO help you be more productive at what you do best. We’ll do the rest.

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